Intaris GmbH was founded in 2007 by Dr. Shane O'Neill with the aim to provide Instrumentation software development and maintainence services.

Using LabVIEW predominantly (Graphical programming language developed by National Instruments) we are in the position to offer custom software for any measurement and analysis project.

The attention to detail has always been a defining aspect of our work. "Seeing" solutions to problems which are not apparent at the first glance and the ability to propose innovative, effective and economical solutions to complex problems is something which can undoubtedly be attributed to our truly inter-disciplinary background.

BSc. Analytical Science:

Ph.D in "Rapid analytical methods based on colour change reactions"

Industry Experience

Although computer science has long been a factor in our background, coupling this with a profound interest in programming and programming techniques, we have been able to develop a unique combination of software engineering know-how and sensor / instrumentation experience.